Verification letters issued by SAQA

Verification letters issued by SAQA


The Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) stopped verifying South African issued tertiary qualifications, both public and private higher education institutions, with effect from 29 November 2019.  The South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) took over this function with effect from 1 December 2019. The original verification letter, as issued by SAQA, must be submitted for legalisation purposes to the Department of International Relations and Cooperation (DIRCO).

To this end, please note the process to follow to get a verification letter from SAQA:

Complete the verification consent form available at and send it to

Send a copy of all the qualifications you would like to be verified with the above consent form (the copies must be scanned into their present size and quality as they will be printed and attached to your verification letter.)

Send a copy of your South African National identification document, or valid passport if you are not a South African citizen but studied for a South African qualification.

You will receive a quotation. Pay the fee in the bank account provided on the email. Use the reference number on the quotation as your reference. There is a minimum fee for this service, but the final amount will depend on the quantity of your records and the source of the verification.

Send the proof of payment directly from your bank to and quote your reference number.

You will get a response from SAQA indicating the way forward and when you can expect the signed and stamped verification letter.

The whole process will be completed within 20 working days although SAQA strive to complete the process as quick as possible.

Always use the email for all your requests and enquiries. Do not use any other email.

Do not send your request to individual staff members as it will only slow down your application. Do not cc any other email as it will only lead to duplication and the delay of your application.


SAQA intend to automate the application and payment process within the foreseeable future and will communicate all changes via the SAQA website at


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