• Board and Management

    Appointed by the Minister: Higher Education, Science and Innovation, the Board maintains overall responsibility of the organisation and delegates some of its work to various committees. The Board sets the strategy for the organisation and monitors its implementation.  

  • Office of the CEO

    The Office of the CEO comprises the Business Development and Stakeholders sub-unit, which is responsible for international initiatives and growing SAQA’s international footprint.

    Manager: Business Development & Stakeholders
  • Chief Operating Officer
    Chief Operating Officer
  • The Finance and Administration Division

    This division manages all SAQA’s contracts, ensures that staff comply with SCM regulations, manages SAQA’s financial resources and facilities management.
    The division comprises the following sub-units:

    • Financial Management 
    • Supply Chain Management
    • Facilities
    Chief Financial Officer
    Manager : Finance
    Manager : Supply Chain Management
  • The Governance, People and Strategy (GPS) Division

    The Governance, People and Strategy (GPS) Division is responsible for the oversight of the implementation of the Strategic Plan and Annual Performance Plan; performance monitoring and evaluation; and reporting to the Minister: HESI and other prescribed stakeholders. This division is also responsible for governance, risk, compliance and legal; the promotion of SAQA and the NQF through electronic and social media platforms.

    This division comprises one unit and three sub-units

    • People Management Unit

      The People Management unit is responsible for providing human resource support to discharge the Authority’s mandated functions and achieve their planned performance targets while embracing diversity, environmental sustainability, and social justice. This unit ensures that SAQA employs the right people with the right skills, and that staff are trained to deliver on SAQA’s mandate.

      Senior Manager: People Management
      • Communications Sub-Unit

        The Communications sub-unit is responsible for assisting SAQA to meet its core responsibility to further develop and implement the NQF. This includes ensuring that the SAQA and NQF products, services and brands are recognised, understood and valued by its three main audiences, namely;

        NQF Policy Makers
        NQF Policy Implementers
        NQF Policy Beneficiaries

        Communications Manager
      • Governance, Risk, Compliance and Legal Sub-Unit

        The unit provides legal, risk and compliance support to the organisation. It is the custodian of governance policies, procedures, and practices for SAQA; and it provides secretariat support to the SAQA Board and its committees.

        Senior Manager : Governance, Risk, Compliance and Legal
      • Strategy, Planning Reporting, Performance Sub-Unit

        The Strategy, Planning, Reporting, and Performance Monitoring and Evaluation unit is responsible for coordinating the SAQA Strategic Planning Process, the Annual Performance Plan, the Operational Plans as well as monitor the implementation of these and coordinate and oversee the performance monitoring and evaluation function with respect to deliverables.

        Manager : Strategy, Reporting and M&E
  • NQF Operations Division

    This division comprises:

    Executive : NQF Operations
    • Registration and Recognition Unit

      This unit is responsible for registering qualifications and part-qualifications, recognising professional bodies and registering professional designations.

      Senior Manager: Registration and Recognition
      Manager: Professional Bodies
      Manager: OQSF and GFETQSF Qualifications
      Manager: HEQSF Qualifications
    • Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Unit

      This unit is responsible for ensuring effective ICT governance and the aligned development of ICT infrastructural resources to support the achievement of organisational objectives and business processes. The ICT unit drives SAQA’s plans to embrace the Fourth Industrial Revolution by enabling the automation of operations across the organisation and developing end-to-end workflows where required.

      Senior Manager: Information and Communications Technology (ICT)
      Manager: Information and Communications Technology (ICT)
      Manager : NQF MIS
    • Authentication Services Unit

      This unit is responsible for verifying national qualifications and evaluating foreign qualifications.

      Senior Manager : Authentication Services
      Manager: Ratification of Foreign Qualifications
      Manager : Verifications (National)
      Manager: Client Services
    • Research Unit

      This unit is responsible for conducting evidence-based research to track the development and implementation of the NQF and to evaluate the impact of the NQF on the people in South Africa.

      Senior Manager
      Senior Researcher
      Senior Researcher