Updated lockdown application procedure for Evaluation of Foreign Qualifications

Updated lockdown application procedure for Evaluation of Foreign Qualifications

Evaluation of Foreign Qualifications:


SAQA has resumed the evaluation of foreign qualifications and prospective applicants can continue to lodge online applications at www.saqa.org.za > Evaluation of Foreign Qualifications > Apply for an evaluation. Qualification holders must apply for their own evaluations and not use third parties for this purpose.

Submission of application documents to SAQA

  • SAQA will continue the existing arrangement of receiving applications by e-mail beyond 31 May 2020. Applicants must follow the procedure below:
  1. After submitting their applications online, put together the necessary documentation and e-mail this to foreignapplications@saqa.org.za. Note that this mailbox will be used exclusively for this purpose and no other communication received here will be entertained.
  2. The documentation to be attached to an application e-mail must include all the following:
    1. A printout of the system-generated application form, signed by the qualification holder;
    2. A printout of the consent form, completed in full and signed by the qualification holder;
    3. A copy of the ID document of the qualification holder;
    4. Proof of payment of the amount indicated on the application form, which is also a pro forma invoice, showing the online submission number (e.g. 202005135010) as payment reference; and
    5. complete set of qualification documents in line with the document “What must be submitted” that applicant can access on the online application system
  3. No documents need to be certified as true copies of originals. However, if originals are available applicants must please scan those instead of copies, to enhance legibility.
  4. Use the online submission number (e.g. 202005135010) as the subject line of the e-mail.
  • The above does not preclude applicants from sending application documents, as described under paragraph 2 above, to SAQA by mail/courier. The details in this regard are as follows:

Postal address:

Postnet Suite 248

Private Bag X06



Arrange courier services through Postnet:

Delivery address:

PostNet Brooklyn, Shop 4 Brooklyn Square, 309 Veale street, Brooklyn Pretoria, South Africa, 0181

Attention: SAQA


Telephone: +27 12 460 1347

Contact persons: Koketso Mbambo / Mandy Meiring

National: Postnet to Postnet delivery

  • SAQA will receive appeals only by courier.


  • SAQA will forward all results by courier. All applicants, when lodging their online applications, must therefore choose the option “Results to be delivered by couriers” and pay the associated courier fee as outlined below:

South Africa:


African continent:


Middle East, Europe and UK:


Canada, Mexico, USA:


Other parts of the world:


  • When results are ready, SAQA will also inform applicants of the electronic SAQA Certificate of Evaluation available to them.

The SAQA walk-in service will remain closed until further notice.


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