SAQA Customer Care


SAQA Customer Care

It is our commitment to our clients that we will do our utmost to help you and provide you with the quality of service you deserve.

A world-class National Qualifications Framework facilitates access to, and mobility and progression within, education, training and career paths

You have the right to:

  • Apply for the service we provide to create a single integrated national framework for learning achievements
  • Service that promotes social and economic transformation
  • Insist on respect and confidentiality – of your privacy and information
  • Receive protection when you report any form of abuse, misuse, fraud or misconduct
  • Speak up about circumstances you find unusual
  • Insist that wrong or unfair practices be corrected
  • Be treated with dignity in inadequate conditions
  • Have access to fair and unbiased assistance
  • Expect friendly and helpful services from the respectful, responsible and competent team
  • Ask for a full and fair investigation of every complaint
  • Demand proper feedback on the outcome of investigations
  • Call on a review of the decision, if you disagree with it
  • Expect that administrative slipups will not inconvenience you

We value you. We are committed to making a difference in your Life Long Learning journey

We will help you by:

  • Offering you services that meet the required standards
  • Identifying ourselves when we speak to you
  • Listening carefully to you, and referring you appropriately should we not understand your enquiry
  • Providing accurate and consistent information
  • Explaining the things you need to know and do
  • Types of services we offer
  • How, when and where to apply
  • Providing you with or referring you in writing to other services you may need
  • Providing written feedback about approved or rejected applications
  • Proving the reasons for our decisions
  • Informing you about procedures to appeal our decisions
  • Keeping to the timelines we have set for each type of service we offer

We want to help you. We want to make things easier. To do this, we need your help.

Please help us to help you with:

  • Providing feedback on our performance – good or bad
  • Reporting poor service, fraud or misconduct
  • Respecting and cooperating with officials

Provide us with your feedback: