Office of the COO

Office of the COO

This division is responsible for directing and ensuring the implementation of the NQF Operations strategy and it contributes to the overall SAQA Strategy and plays a key role in shaping the future of the organisation. This office aligns and directs stakeholder/customer services in SAQA’s NQF Operations. It is also responsible for planning and implementing SAQA’s Funding strategies.

The division comprises the following units and sub-unit:

  • Authentication Services Unit
  • Communications Sub-Unit
  • Registration and Recognition Unit
  • Research Unit

Authentication Services Unit

This unit is responsible for verifying national qualifications and evaluating foreign qualifications.

Registration & Recognition Unit

This unit is responsible for registering qualifications and part-qualifications, recognising professional bodies and registering professional designations.

Research Unit

This unit is responsible for conducting evidence-based research to track the development and implementation of the NQF and to evaluate the impact of the NQF on the people in South Africa.

Communications Sub-Unit

The Communications sub-unit is responsible for assisting SAQA to meet its core responsibility to further develop and implement the NQF. This includes ensuring that the SAQA and NQF products, services and brands are recognised, understood and valued by its three main audiences, namely;

  • NQF Policy Makers
  • NQF Policy Implementers
  • NQF Policy Beneficiaries

The sub-unit is responsible for the promotion of SAQA and the NQF through electronic and social media platforms.