SAQA Bulletin Volume 3 Number 2 December 1999


The focus of this edition is on initiatives, some by international experts, intended to benchmark South African experiences with those of other countries for the development of the South African National Qualifications Framework (NQF). The first paper looks into the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework as the qualification integration of two national accountability bodies into a single framework. The second paper is on an outcome-based system pilot project intended to provide training and external verification of assessment in the Western Cape. The third paper is on SAQA’s participation in a workshop on international benchmarking to establish links between qualifications authorities involved in outcome-based education and training. The last paper explores the NQF alongside communitarian assumptions.

Contents of this Bulletin

  1. Editorial
  2. Invitation to Initiate and Participate in Debates
  3. The Status of Articles in this Bulletin
  4. The Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework
  5. The Scottish Qualifications Authority assists the NACWC Pilot Project
  6. Qualifications Authorities’ Forging International Links
  7. Falling into Love with the NQF
  8. Members of SAQA from 1 December 1999
  9. SAQA Contact Details


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