SAQA - Bulletin Volume 3 Number 1 December 1999


This is a two-paper edition providing necessary clarity on issues surrounding the National Qualifications Framework (NQF). The first paper addresses the ignorance and misunderstanding about SAQA’s role in the development and implementation of the NQF, as well as the impact of the NQF in and on South African society. It touches on organisational structures and functions, Recognition of Prior Learning, qualification design, right through to the recognition of qualifications obtained abroad. The second paper outlines the steps involved in the establishment and recognition processes of Standards Generating Bodies (SGBs).

Contents of this Bulletin

  1. Editorial
  2. Launch Letters and Provider News Pages
  3. The Status of Articles in this Bulletin
  4. Questions Frequently Asked of SAQA
  5. The processes for the recognition and establishment of standards generating bodies (SGBS)
  6. SAQA Contact Details
  7. Members of SAQA
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