SAQA Bulletin: Volume 10 Number 2: August 2007


The papers in this Bulletin were called for the Second Annual National Qualifications Framework (NQF) Colloquium hosted in 2006. The first paper determines the role of national qualifications frameworks in introducing change. The second paper engages the first on the inherent change agendas in the nature of NQFs. The third paper considers the NQF as a socially inclusive and cohesive system and observes necessary prerequisites for such cohesion. The fourth paper contests the idea of the South African NQF as a social construct highlighting a lack of real democracy in the construction of the NQF. The fifth paper interprets the idea of a social construct in order to engage the validity of the argument in the previous paper. The last paper takes stock of the 11-year-long NQF practice journey to instigate further theoretical development.

Contents of this Bulletin

  1. Acronyms and abbreviations
  2. Editorial comment
  3. National qualifications frameworks: instruments of change or agents of change?
  4. Response to Dr Jim Gallacher’s paper, ‘National qualifications frameworks…
  5. The NQF as a socially inclusive and cohesive system: communities of practice and trust
  6. The South African National Qualifications Framework (NQF) as a ‘social construct’ or not?
  7. A response to Yusef Waghid – the NQF as a social construct or not?
  8. Going beyond the buzz into the real business: A response to the second NQF Colloquium
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