Appeal Process

Appeal Process

Recognition decisions: Appeal and Revocation

SAQA has a mandate to evaluate foreign qualifications in terms of Section 13(1)(m) of the National Qualifications Framework Act, 67 of 2008. The evaluation process includes two phases:

(1) Verification (authenticate the status of institutions and the qualifications offered by them; and investigate the authenticity of qualification documents and the awards made to individuals); and

(2) Comparison of foreign qualifications with South African qualifications, considering the structure and outcomes of the foreign qualifications, to locate them within the South African NQF.

The evaluation process is concluded by one of two decisions; each of which is reached after the verification phase:

  • Decision A , to recognise a qualification. This decision leads to the comparison phase, which results in the issuing of a SAQA Certificate of Evaluation (SCoE ) indicating how the qualification is recognised in terms of a comparable South African qualification registered on the NQF.

Please note that:

° SAQA holds the copyright to the SCoE, which remains the property of SAQA.

° It is illegal to misrepresent a SCoE.

° SAQA reserves the right to revoke the SCoE if any evidence comes to light that compromises its integrity and validity. Revocation takes place in accordance with the SAQA Foreign Qualifications Evaluation and Advisory Services Revocation Policy (2016).

  • Decision B , to not recognise a qualification. This decision is communicated to the applicant in a letter and reasons for the decision provided.

Qualification holders can appeal against either Decision A , or Decision B. A two-stage appeal process is in place to resolve appeals. This process is based on the SAQA Foreign Qualifications Evaluation and Advisory Services Appeal Policy (2016), which also outlines the steps to be followed by appellants.

A fee is charged for appeal. This fee is refunded when an appeal is upheld. The current fee is indicated in the Appeal Registration Form.

Please submit the following to quoting your reference number.

  1. Application form  
  2. Supporting documents 
  3. Proof of payment (payment information will be relayed to you when submitting the application pack) .